ASE Sufferfest

If you haven’t heard, the Academy of Skating Excellence (ASE) is holding a fundraising event this Thursday, July 30th, at 4:00 PM. The inaugural event, known as “Sufferfest”, is a lap challenge in which skaters will try to complete 200 laps within an hour’s time. The goal of Sufferfest is to raise $5,000, which will go towards new gym equipment, bikes and mirrors for the Petit Center. This equipment will help ASE skaters better train to reach their goals of becoming better athletes.

But what would a Festival of Suffering be without a classic Wisconsin Tailgate? In addition to the 200 lap challenge, tailgating will take place from 5-8PM, with food and beverages, pickle ball, as well as a beanbag toss. So go out and have a great time, while supporting a great cause. Registration for Sufferfest is due Wednesday, July 29th. To find out more information, visit And to make a pledge, visit

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