The Marchese Long Track Speedskating Helmet

The Marchese Long Track Speedskating Helmet

Did you know that speed skaters can reach speeds of up to 40MPH? That’s faster than most recreational cyclists. When moving that fast on the ice, the risk of hitting your head during a fall increases, even on the long track. Hitting your head during high-speed accidents can cause concussions, skull fractures, and even intracranial bleeding. In fact, the risk of head injury is 17 times greater in speedskating than in other sports. Because of these risks, CadoMotus has developed the Marchese Speed Skating Helmet, the first helmet designed exclusively for long track skaters. Diederik Hol, founder of Cadomotus, says, “Some serious accidents happened in the past two seasons of the Dutch KPN Marathon Cup, [so] safety was back as a topic in long track ice speedskating. Some marathon teams decided to skate with a helmet….National and regional skaters used short track or cycling helmets, [but] it was not perfect. And cycling helmets look nice, but do not meet the ISU rules.”

“It’s in the Details”

There are several design features that make the Marchese Helmet ideal for long track skaters. Hol says, “If racing is indoors, you need more ventilation than a shorttrack helmet [offers]. Short track races are a few minutes. Marathon races are much longer—sometimes 150 laps on a 400m rink….I believe long track [helmets] should be somewhere in between short track and road cycling, when it comes to design. In road cycling, we see more speedaero helmets, like the Giro Air Attack, for example. These type of helmets are very close to what could be suitable for long track…[but] those helmets are not ISU approved, and [are] not tested under typical ice skating temperatures. [And]…the vents are too large, or they have a pointed shape.” The Marchese Helmet, on the other hand, is ISU approved, and provides the ventilation needed when long track races take place indoors.

One of the best features of the Marchese Helmet, however, is the Aero Shield, which makes this helmet ideal for racing outside in cold weather. Available in 7 different colors, the Aero Shield fastens securely to the helmet, keeping warmth in and protecting your head when you race outdoors. Hol says, “The initial idea [with the shield] is to…create a unique look, and the possibility [of easily] applying team colors and logos. There is also a functional benefit, because the shield closes the [helmet’s] vents. This gives better isolation in cold winter circumstances when you skate outdoors on a 400m rink, or at the Weissensee, or in Sweden or Canada.”

Not Just for Long Track

The Marchese Helmet is lightweight, fully adjustable, and has different padding configurations, giving skaters a custom fit. Because it’s ISU approved, it can also be used as a short track helmet. And if you’re a fan of inline or cycling, this helmet can be used for those as well. It also provides the option of attaching a visor, which is “more comfortable than separate glasses or goggles”. The Marchese Speed Skating Helmet is available for order at

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*Photos courtesy of CadoMotus.

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