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Cascade Speedskates is North America's best source for ice and inline speed skating equipment and service. Cascade Speedskates is one of the largest stocking dealers of speed skating equipment in the world, with a warehouse to prove it. When we say we have speedskating equipment in stock, we actually do. Cascade Speedskates carries Viking, Maple, Bont, Apogee, and many other brands. We maintain an inventory of more than 1,000 pairs of short track and long track boots, blades, and speed skate packages; hundreds of speed skating helmets and skinsuits; and all the speed skate maintenance equipment you need to take care of your skates. We carry a full assortment of Inline speed skates too. Cascade Speedskates also has a full service shop that takes care of all your speedskating needs, including rocking, bending, sharpening, foot casting, & boot fitting.

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Boot Heat Molding

Get as close to a custom fitting boot as possible without having to pay for customs with our heat ...


Carbide Deburr Tool

Get the burr off your blades quicker with the Carbide Deburr Tool.


Cascade Speedskates ...

Support the company who supports you with the Cascade Speedskates T-shirt.


72" Waxed Speedskate Laces

Say "goodbye" to broken laces with these ultra-strong, double-stitched 72in Waxed Speed Skate Laces.

$5.99 $5.61

Shop Labor Rate

Used to diagnose and fix problems with your speedskating equipment.


Speed Skate Blade ...

We offer basic long track and short track speedskating blade sharpening services.


Speed Skate Blade Radius ...

Standard speedskating blade radius along with compound templates available.


Speed Skate Blade ...

We apply a custom bend to match your speedskating blade radius, so you can get your technique ...


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