The Thermo Long Track Skinsuit by Hunter Sportswear (Sky Blue/Black)

Hunter Sportswear Thermo Long Track Speedskating Skinsuit Sky Blue / Black

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It's hard to skate fast if you're shivering. Stay warm when you skate outdoors with the Hunter Sportswear Thermo Long Track Skinsuit. Made with high-quality Lycra fabric, this skin suit is great at keeping in your body heat and protecting you from the cold. And the 4-way stretch fabric gives you support and freedom of movement, so you can skate your best on the long track. (Cap not included.)

  • High-quality Lycra skinsuit
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Keeps in body heat, protects from the cold
  • Available in the following sizes: XS

Sku: 24-38-008
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Brand : Hunter Product Number : 24-38-008
HunterHunter Sportswear makes high quality long track ice speedskate skin suits for athletes of all abilities. Hunter speed skating skin suits are made using the finest material and design, giving long track speed skaters the best performance possible.

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