Hyper G4 110mm Inline Speed Skating Wheels

Hyper G4 110mm Inline Speed Skating Wheels


With the Hyper G4 110mm Inline Speedskating Wheels, it's okay to go on the record and say you'll win. Their ARC Core gives you better grip and response in the turns, providing faster overall speed on freshly-coated tracks. So go ahead and tell the future--these wheels will give you the speed you need to win every time.

  • ARC Racing Core
  • Best for freshly-coated tracks
  • Available in 110mm

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Brand : Hyper Product Number : 25-22-003
HyperHyper Wheels has one goal in mind: to make the best inline speedskating wheels and components on the market. Hyper Wheels sells more inline wheels than any of its competitors, and makes the best inline wheels in the world.

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