Inline Speed Skate Bearings

Cascade Speedskates carries ceramic, steel, and ABEC bearings for inline speed skates by Maple, Bont, and Bones. All of our inline speed skating bearings are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Inline bearings are rated according to the ABEC Scale. Inline bearings are rated 1-9, with higher numbers indicating better performance and precision.

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Maple Ceramic Inline Racing Bearings
save 42%

Maple Ceramic Inline ...

Become accustomed to speed with the Maple Ceramic Inline Racing Bearings.

$34.99 $59.99
Maple ABEC 7 Inline Bearing Pack
save 43%

Maple ABEC 7 Inline ...

Pick up the speed you've been missing with the Maple ABEC 7 Inline Bearing Pack.

$19.99 $34.99

Luigino ABEC 7 Inline ...

Having trouble keeping up with your competitors? Luigino's ABEC7 Inline Speed Skating Bearings can ...

Jesa 608 Steel Inline Bearings from Bont
save 42%

Jesa 608 Steel Inline ...

The Bont Jesa 608 Steel Inline Bearings are fast--really fast.

$34.99 $59.99
Jesa 688 Steel Inline Bearings from Bont
save 46%

Jesa 688 Steel Inline ...

Make speed the highlight of your race with the Bont Jesa 688 Steel Inline Speed Skating Bearings.

$29.99 $54.99
Bont ABEC 7 Inline Speedskating Bearings
save 34%

Bont ABEC 7 Inline ...

More speed, less price. Meet the Bont ABEC 7 Inline Speed Skating Bearings.

$19.99 $29.99

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