Maple Skate

Maple Skate is now MAPLEZ. Maple Skate is the leading long track, short track, and inline speed skating brand. Maple designs and manufactures innovative speed skating products for short track, long track, and inline athletes worldwide.

Viking Speedskates

Viking Schaatsenfabriek B.V. started manufacturing ice skates in 1948 in Amsterdam. Most Viking products are produced in the Netherlands. Most world titles, world records, and Olympic successes have been achieved on Viking ice skates.


StayBent makes the best ice speedskate blade sharpening jigs, short track blade benders, long track blade benders, and speed skate maintenance tools in the world.


Marchese Racing has been making custom ice speedskating boots for over 30 years. Marchese 58 Olympic Medals, 100's of World Championship medals, and over 1000 World Cup Medals have been achieved on Marchese ice skates.

Cado Motus

Cado Motus is at the forefront of speedskating design and technology. Cado Motus specializes in all types of speedskating products including long track, short track, and inline.




Norton makes some of the best ice speed skate blade sharpening stones and deburring stones on the market. Norton makes blade sharpening stones and deburring stones for both long track and short track speedskating blades.





Guard Dog

Guard Dog makes high quality ice speed skate blade guards for both long track and short track blades. Speedskaters worldwide count on Guard Dog Blade Guards to protect their speed skate blades.


Sebra leads the market for ice speed skating cut resistant accessories. Sebra makes cut-resistant skin suits, gloves, neck guards, and ankle protection for short track speedskating.

Cascade Speedskates

Cascade Speedskates is one of the largest stocking dealers of speed skating equipment in the world. We carry Maple, Viking, Bont, Apogee, and may other brands. Our full service shop includes rocking, bending, sharpening, foot casting, & boot fitting.


NZ Manufacturing makes speedskating turn cables for dryland training. NZ Turn Cables are used by some of the best speed skaters in the world for dryland training to improve their technique and overall strength.

Technicords Speed Skating Training Products

Techni-Cords - Originally developed by Sue Ellis of Ellis Edge training camps.