The 3-Point Twin Laser Long Track Speed Skating Blade from Maple. (side view)

Maple 3-Point Twin Laser Long Track Speedskating Blades

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Yes, time travel is possible. Introducing the Maple 3-Point Twin Laser Long Track Blades, which give you tomorrow's innovative technology today. These blades are the biggest evolution in speed skating technology since the invention of the clap blade. Typical blades have only two points of contact: the heel cup and the pivot point. This makes it so your blades flex upward toward your boots, flattening your radius. The 3-Point Twin Laser Blades feature Maple's patented 3-point Bridge Arm System, which adds a third contact point in the center of the blade. The 3-point system allows you to maintain your radius, giving you more consistent feel on the ice.

These blades feature powder metal, bi-metal runners hardened to 65 HRC. They give you a surface that's easier to polish and a finer, more consistent edge. The runners are also 1.00mm taller than the Comet Blade, so you'll have better glide on the ice. The 3-Point Twin Laser Blades also come with specially-shaped, tension and torsion-free steel laser-welded tubes. These tubes have a reintegrated rib that makes the blade more stable, so you can take those corners at top speed like you've always wanted. But act fast--supplies are limited.

  • Powder metal, bi-metal runners hardened to 65 HRC
  • Gold anodized steel laser-welded tubes
  • Extra rib in tubes
  • Aluminum 3-point Bridge clap system
  • Available in the following sizes: 16.5"-17.5"

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Brand : Maple Skate Product Number : 01-11-007
Maple SkateMaple Skate is now MAPLEZ. Maple Skate is the leading long track, short track, and inline speed skating brand. Maple designs and manufactures innovative speed skating products for short track, long track, and inline athletes worldwide.

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