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Marchese Racing LLC makes some of the best custom ice speedskating boots in the industry. Marchese has been hand crafting custom speedskating boots for over 30 years. Marchese also makes speed skating blades, speedskating gauges, inline boots and inline frames, and speed skating helmets. 58 Olympic Medals, 100's of World Championship medals, and over 1000 World Cup Medals have been achieved on Marchese ice skates. Based in New York, Marchese understands that speed skaters demand the best from themselves, and from their speedskating equipment. Marchese custom speed skating boots give athletes efficiency, power, and precision that help them perform at the top of their game. Paul Marchese works with the best skaters in the world to develop the strongest and best fitting speedskating boots possible, using only the finest materials. Marchese sets the standard for speed skating equipment. You can order Marchese Custom Boots, Marchese Blades, Marchese Gauges, and Marchese Racing Cups from

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The Marchese Speed Skating Premium Bend and Radius Blade Gauge is the same great Marchese Gauge ...


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