OSI Ultimate Edge Speedskate Sharpening Jig

OSI Ultimate Edge Speedskate Sharpening Jig

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The OSI Ultimate Edge Speedskate Sharpening Jig leads the way when it comes to providing a precise setup, so you can give your blades the ultimate, sharp edge. Made in the US with lightweight aluminum construction and ceramic coating to prevent corrosion, the Ultimate Edge Jig features vertical locators and quick-release locking handles, so you can place your skates in the same position every time. This jig also gives you superb workmanship, form, and function, giving you peace of mind when you want to give your blades a good edge.

  • Anodized lightweight aluminum construction with ceramic coating
  • Height setters
  • Vertical locators
  • Backstop
  • Quick-release locking handles

Sku: 41-45-001

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Brand : OSI Product Number : 41-45-001
OSIOSI is also known as Old School Industries. OSI makes ice speedskate blade sharpening jigs that can be used for both long track and short track blades.

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