Sebra specializes in making cut resistant skin suits and accessories for short track ice speedskating. From the Extreme Cut Resistant Suit, Extreme Cut Resistant Shorts and Cut Resistant Shirt, to the Extreme Speed Skating Gloves and Short Track Neck Guard, Sebra focuses on making cut-resistant speed skating equipment that gives short track skaters more safety, comfort, and better performance. Since 1998, Sebra Sports has led the market in keeping short track speedskaters safe, by providing the best cut resistant equipment around. Sebra Cut Resistant Skate Suits, neck guards, and ankle guards have Dyneema Fibers and two-sided stretch material, giving full-body protection and comfort. And while cut-resistant equipment can't prevent lacerations in short track, it cuts down the risk of serious injuries when you skate. Cascade Speedskates carries the full range of Sebra cut resistant equipment in all sizes. If you need Sebra equipment, you can get it immediately from

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Apogee Jr Cut Resistant ...

Dynamix cut resistant ankle guard for Jr. speed skaters by Apogee


Bont Sonic Nox Boots ...

The Bont Sonic Nox Boots Short Track Speed Skating Package is an entry-level package ideal for ...

Nox Racing Short Track Speed Skating Boots
save 40%

Nox Racing Short Track ...

The Nox Racing Short Track Speed Skating Boots are entry level boots designed for beginner or ...

$99.99 $164.99
Sebra Vanisher Speedskate Burrstone
save 48%

Sebra Vanisher ...

Get rid of that burr when you sharpen your speed skates with the Sebra Vanisher Burrstone.

$8.99 $16.99

Sebra Extreme ...

The Sebra Extreme Speed Skating Gloves are the go-to gloves for must-have cut resistance.

Sebra Shirt III Extreme Cut Resistant Short Track Speedskating  Shirt
save 29%

Sebra Shirt III Extreme ...

The best defense on the short track is a good cut-resistant shirt--the Sebra III Extreme ...

$269.99 $380.00
Sebra Speedskating Boot Covers
save 51%

Sebra Speedskating Boot ...

The Sebra Speed Skating Boot Covers have got your skates and ankles covered.

$24.99 $49.99

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