The Womens Snow Long Sleeve Top by SKINS

SKINS Womens Snow Long Sleeve Top

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Your competitors are headed for locker room because they're cold. But you're wearing the SKINS Women's Snow Long Sleeve Top, so you're good to go. Made with comfortable nylon blend fabric, this top not only keeps you warm, but it's specifically designed for freedom of movement, so it won't hold you back when you skate. The BioAccerlation Technology enhances circulation and increases oxygen delivery to your muscles, so you can work out longer. And the Muscle Focus Technology supports key muscle groups by reducing movement and vibration, meaning less tissue damage and soreness. This top also features moisture management and antimicrobial treatment, keeping you dry and comfortable long after your competition has thrown in the towel for the day.

  • Engineered gradient compression with BioAcceleration Technology
  • SKINS compression fit
  • Muscle Focus Technology
  • Moisture management
  • Permanent antimicrobial treatment
  • 76% nylon, 24% spandex fabric

Sku: 51-41-009
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Brand : Skins Product Number : 51-41-009
SkinsSkins makes compression tops, compression shorts, and compression tights to help athletes with their recovery.

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