Speed Skate Dryland Training

Cascade Speedskates carry the best speedskating accessories and training equipment you need during dryland, including turn cables, turn belts, and DVDs by NZ, Ellis Edge, and ICE. Our speed skating turn belts come in a variety of colors. All of our accessories are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Dryland turn cables are perfect for resistance training. Turn cables help speed skaters build strength and skating specific muscle memory that lead to better starts, strides, and crossovers on the ice. Turn belts are also used in dryland training, and help speed skaters learn better body positions, whether doing up-downs, or crossovers. Turn cables and turn belts can be used by skaters of any height, weight, or ability.

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Ellis Edge Techni-Cords ...

Train smarter using the Ellis Edge Techni-Cords resistance training turncables. (single belt)


Ellis Edge Techni-Cords ...

Get more from your training with the Ellis Edge Techni-Cords Resistance Training Turncables. (2 ...


Technicords Speedskating ...

Enhance your dryland training with the Technicords Speed Skating Turn Belt.


TechniCords Replacement ...

This is the Replacement Belt for the Ellis Edge TechniCords Turn Cables.


TechniCords Replacement ...

A single Replacement Cord for the Ellis Edge TechniCords Turn Cables.


TechniCords Replacement ...

Get the Ellis Edge TechniCords Replacement Cord Set and keep up with your training. (Three cords)


TechniCords Attachment ...

This is the Attachment Strap for the Ellis Edge TechniCords Turn Cables.


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