StayBent Long Track Speedskating Blade Bender StayBent Long Track Speedskating Blade Bender

StayBent Long Track Speedskating Blade Bender


When it comes to bending your blades, the Stay Bent Bender is the only bender you'll ever need. The fit and finish of this bender are unmatched in the industry. And unlike tube benders, this bender is designed to bend the flat section of the tube, which allows for a more precise bend to be applied to the blade in the area that reduces the possibility of kinking the tube. It also allows the section of the blade under the pivotpoint to be bent.

This bender features heat-treated bending blocks that are fully adjustable. The blocks lock into a machined channel with graduation marks to help improve the repeatability of your bending setup, while ensuring that they don't get lost when traveling from competition to competition. As with all StayBent products, this bender is designed and made in the USA. The main body is machined from the highest quality USA 7000 series aluminum to ensure long-term durability.

  • USA 7000 series aluminum construction
  • Heat-treated, fully-adjustable bending blocks

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Brand : StayBent Product Number : 52-46-002
StayBentStayBent makes the best ice speedskate blade sharpening jigs, short track blade benders, long track blade benders, and speed skate maintenance tools in the world.

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