StayBent Short Track Speedskating Blade Bender StayBent Short Track Speedskating Blade Bender StayBent Short Track Speedskating Blade Bender

StayBent Short Track Speedskating Blade Bender


The revolutionary StayBent Short Track Speed Skate Blade Bender is now available. With multiple patents pending in all major markets, the new StayBent Short Track Speed Skate Bender is the biggest improvement in blade bending in more than a decade.

The StayBent Short Track Blade Bender is made in the United States from a solid block of aluminum and features bronze bearings, heat treated steel anvils, and an adjustable ergonomic handle. The unique frame design allows the technician to use finger grip strength while applying pressure to the blade to enable much more accurate feel during the bending process. Because of the one piece frame design, there is a substantial increase in torsional rigidity, and no possibility of frame's structure degrading with use the way benders made with multipart frames do. The anvils are shaped to ensure that there is no possibility of damage to the blade tubes. Further, the anvil mounting system allows for tool-less installation of different shaped anvils to support new blade tube profiles, making this bender future proof.

Unlike other benders on the market, this one won't damage your blades, and won't fall apart after a year of heavy use. In fact, the initial prototype of this bender was used to bend more than 500 pairs of blades and it still looked brand new.

This bender has been under development for more than two years. The StayBent team has worked hard to ensure that this is the last short track speed skate blade bender you will ever need to buy.

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StayBentStayBent makes the best ice speedskate blade sharpening jigs, short track blade benders, long track blade benders, and speed skate maintenance tools in the world.

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