The Nagano Sprint Long Track Speedskate Clap Blade with Black Bar from Viking.

Viking Nagano Sprint Long Track Speedskating Clap Blades - Black Bar

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With a lot of dedication and the right blades, you'll be well on your way to crossing the finish line first. Meet The Viking Nagano Sprint Long Track Blades with black bars. Prior to Viking's release of the red bar version, the Sprint Blades with black bars were some of Vikings best blades. The 1.10mm HSS bi-metal runners are hardened to 62/63 HRC, so you know they'll give you optimal glide on the ice. These blades feature black aluminum attachment bars. They also come with black anodized steel tubes, giving you the stability and control you need to make sure all your hard work and dedication on the ice pay off.

  • 1.10mm HSS bi-metal runners hardened to 62/63 HRC
  • Spot-welded and soft soldered, black anodized steel tubes
  • 7000 series aluminum, black anodized clap system
  • Available in the following sizes: 36

Sku: 02-0006
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Brand : Viking Speedskates Product Number : 02-0006
Viking SpeedskatesViking Schaatsenfabriek B.V. started manufacturing ice skates in 1948 in Amsterdam. Most Viking products are produced in the Netherlands. Most world titles, world records, and Olympic successes have been achieved on Viking ice skates.

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