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Viking V360 Short Track Ice Speed Skating Blade

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Viking has combined the best features of existing short track blades with proven manufacturing techniques, and high quality PM steel. Viking PM steel is constructed from high quality materials. Viking PM steel has a significantly lower gliding resistance and provides maximum grip and superb steering.

The V - 360 and SR2 contain a carefully measured hardness of 66 HRC Viking PM steel, combined with high quality aluminum, making them light, very durable and great for custom bending. The hardness and quality assures minimal maintenance and wear and tear from sharpening.

While cosmetically similar, the geometry between the V-360 and SR2 are very different.The V-360 blade is placed toward the outer edge of the tube and is colored gold to ensure a visual difference that is unmistakable. The SR2 has a more symmetrical design and Blue color. The best choice is dependent on the style and desires of the skater.

  • Hardness: HRC 66 - Viking PM Steel
  • Material of cups: Aluminum 6000 series
  • Material of tube: Aluminum 7000 series
  • Blade Thickness: 1.1
  • Available in sizes: 17.5 inches

Sku: 02-02-002
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Brand : Viking Speedskates Product Number : 02-02-002
Viking SpeedskatesViking Schaatsenfabriek B.V. started manufacturing ice skates in 1948 in Amsterdam. Most Viking products are produced in the Netherlands. Most world titles, world records, and Olympic successes have been achieved on Viking ice skates.

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